Wastewater Diversion Treatment

Tradewash provides a range of efficient and cost-effective water diversion and treatment options that integrate into both our portable wash bays, modular wash bays and permanent wash bays.

Oil Water Separators

Oil water separators are used to separate oil and water and are often a requirement for vehicle wash bays where hydrocarbons must be removed from the wastewater runoff prior to being released into the stormwater network. 

Oil Water Separator

Demand Driven Wash Down Systems

Demand driven wash down systems divert wastewater to either storage or treatment while being capable of detecting rain activity and transporting rain water directly to the stormwater network bypassing treatment. They are ideally suited to wash bays that do not have contaminants on the surfacer such as in the case of a roofed wash bay.


Underground First Flush Diversion Systems

First Flush systems divert an initial first flush of rain activity which in the majority of cases will contain pollutants to treatment while after a specific set time diverting remaining rain water directly to the stormwater network reducing treatment costs.

TW600 Underground First Flush System