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Modular wash bays

Modular wash bays – durable, modular vehicle wash bays

Looking for a modular wash bay that is:

  • Portable, lightweight yet durable
  • 10 times stronger, yet lighter than concrete
  • Maintenance free, waterproof and chemical resistant
  • Easily transported as they are designed to fit in universal shipping dimensions
  • Water authority compliant for Australia and New Zealand
  • Can be easily installed on top of an existing concrete slab
  • No earthworks required for installation. Can be installed over existing concrete slab or foundation.
  • Predicted life expectancy of between 60 & 100 years
Modular Wash Bay

Introducing our heavy duty modular wash bays, the modular yet durable wash bay alternative trusted by companies worldwide due to the robust construction, durability and fully customisable design, allowing you to scale up your wash down operations as required.

Trade wash can supply heavy duty modular wash bays as an efficient wash bay alternative suitable for vehicle, machinery and chemical storage systems.


  • Can handle loads up to 60 Tonnes
  • Chemical resistant
  • 10 times stronger, yet lighter than concrete wash bay options
  • Leading edge waterproof technology
  • Above ground drainage (integrated as part of the system) and wastewater diversion and collection.
  • No excavation required. Heavy duty modular wash bays can seamlessly be installed over your existing slab.
  • Built to last with a life expectancy of between 60 and 100 years.

A cost-effective, time saving modular wash bay

Because our modular wash bays are lightweight (yet highly durable) and manufactured to universal shipping sizes, packing up your modular wash bay and transporting to another site is simple, cost-effective and will save your business time.



Length 5500mm
Width 2250mm
Height 70mm
Weight 800kg
Expansion Conditions 1mm/1m

* Eco seals can be transported in standard shipping containers.

Weather resistance

Our modular wash bays can handle high levels of humidity, heat stress, mold and UV damage without cracking or warping. As a result, they do not require regular maintenance or repairs.

Additionally, manufacturing takes place in a reduced emissions environment (50% reduction) making them an environmentally smart choice in a number of ways.