The Experts in Vehicle Wash Bays and Environmental Compliance

We specialise in environmentally compliant entry level start up wash bays all the way through to permanent large scale and heavy duty wash bay applications and everything in between.

Our Wash Bays

TWB001 Portable Wash Bay

Portable Washbay Model TWB001

TWP001 Portable Wash Bay

Portable Washbay Model TWP001

TWA001 Portable Wash Bay

Portable Washbay Model TWA001

Our portable wash bays are Ideal for those with a wash down application that’s isn’t generating a lot of water from the wash down process and are looking to avoid a council permit and trade waste agreement along with ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Modular Vehicle Wash Bays

A modular and portable composite flooring wash bay product, strong enough to handle heavy duty equipment and vehicles. Ideal for industrial applications or work sites on the move.

Tested to gross load limits of 60 tonnes, yet stronger and lighter than permanent concrete wash bays.

Fully customisable with many additional available features.

Modular Washbay

Wash Bay Construction and Design

Trade Wash can design and construct efficient permanent wash bay solutions for your business.

Our permanent wash bays can incorporate a range of water treatment solutions such as oil water separators, demand driven wash down and first flush systems. Speak to use today for a no obligation free quote.

Vehicle Wash Bays - Your Obligations

If wash down activity takes place on your business premises, regardless of whether you are responsible for a large vehicle fleet or or just a small number of cars or trucks your business must be compliant with legislation governing how you handle wastewater. These environmental regulations are in place to protect the stormwater network from contaminants that would otherwise increase pollution in our waterways.  How your business is regulated is dependant on the type of business you operate and the location of your business as governed by your local water authority.

In an effort to protect our waterways and the environment as a whole, local water authorities can and regularly do strongly enforce these regulations with fines and legal prosecution. As there isn't a one size fits all set of regulations in regard to wastewater containment it is difficult for business owners to know exactly what their obligations are in regard to wash-down activities.

That's where Trade Wash can help. We have the knowledge and experience to help you better understand your environmental requirements and design and construct an efficient and environmentally compliant vehicle wash bay for your business. Contact us today for an obligation free consultation on your wash down application.