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Rubber floor bunding

Rubber floor bunding for permanent washbay solutions

The floor bunding product designed for heavy vehicle movements.

Rubber Floor Bunding


When considering floor bunding for your business, consider the amount of traffic, type of traffic and expected loading during its normal life cycle.

Rubber Floor Bunding

Unique extrusion channels allow better adhesive retention, creating superior hydro sealing and simple DIY installations.

  • Vehicle friendly, easily installed and durable form of spill control and containment
  • Supplied with fasteners for installation
  • Superior drive over bunding product designed for heavy vehicle movements. It creates a perfect barrier for wash-bays, and ideal when installed/employed as secondary containment solutions for liquid storage areas that require total containment

The Bund installation is easy and takes little time to fasten down. We send out clear instructions, so the sections are comprehensive with step-by-step guides sections for each order. The bunding solutions are supplied in 5m sections and available in safety yellow or black. Sections can be joined seamlessly for a perfect watertight containment area.

Trade Wash Rubber floor bunding is 42mm x 125mm wide and supplied in 5m lengths. As opposed to square set bunding, its new design features mitigate trip hazards around the work place, making it a more versatile option for spill containment and management.

Due to our rubber floor bunding’s new development, superior design and advanced technology, it’s the ultimate solution for both small (machinery leak containment, drum containment and doorways) and large (factories and warehouses) applications where you need a reliable and durable containment area that is able to withstand heavy vehicle movements.

It’s designed to provide vehicle access as well as containment areas, allowing for improved storage and transfer.

Not only does the rubber floor bunding feature trip resistant design and excellent chemical resistance, but it also allows for a more effective hydro-seal and superior installation.

Rubber Floor Bunding

Safety yellow and black are our standard stocked colour.

In other words, Trade Wash’s rubber floor bunding is as good as it gets—a vehicle friendly, easily installed and heavy duty containment solution.

How to install

Rubber floor bunding fastens into solid concrete floors with masonry fasteners. The use of sealant/adhesives ensures it is watertight and leakproof even on older surfaces.

  • Simply lay the bunding out flat in the sun for 30 mins prior to the installation. This uncoils the bund, making installation easier. When cutting lengths to the ideal size, use a sharp knife or handsaw. A little detergent and water will help the blade from grabbing. Use a mitre block to get those perfect corners.
  • After a dry fit, pre-drill the bund using a spade bit, ensuring a two-stage depth. This should be 22mm for the first (10mm deep) and 10mm the rest of the way through the bund, creating a shoulder for the bolt. The finished job should like this:
  • Use the rubber bund as a template to then drill the concrete using a masonry drill bit.
  • Remove the bund and sweep the concrete dust from the work area.
  • Apply adhesive to the glue channels and start from one end. Work the bunding into place while securing the bolt as you go.


It’s wise to utilize an air blower to blow the dust away. Make sure you blow out the holes and clear the concrete dust. Ensure the bolts fit too.

Rubber Floor Bunding
Rubber Floor Bunding
Rubber Floor Bunding

Trade wash can cut and pre-drill your bunding for you

Experience the Trade Wash advantage. We can supply the sealant adhesive and offer advice to get the job done right the first time. We ship to you on small skids or pallets suitable for forklift and pallet jacks. We can supply pre-drilled and pre-cut options for your roll over bund and floor bunding requirements—ready to go if needed.

Rubber Floor Bunding

Looking for less bounce factor and faster transitions?

The last thing you need is a spill prevention bund creating more spills from bouncing forklifts. Check out our HD bund ramps—specifically designed for users needing time-effective transitions in and out of bunded areas. Our ramps mitigate the bounce, meaning fewer accidental mishaps and spills from forklift movements. Also, they are uniquely designed to straddle our bund with a better gradient for entry and departures.

Trade Wash HD entry ramps are made from steel and powder coated in a range of colour choices to suit your preference.

The trade wash advantage

Trade Wash has been the preferred supplier of bunding solutions across Australia for more than 5 years. As market leaders in quality and service, we do not let your bund orders leave our warehouse until they pass our standards. Experience the premium benefits of the latest design, durability and technology.

Range of colours available for special orders

We stock black and yellow but special orders across our entire colour range are now available.

Perfect for wash bays, spill bunds, and general containment applications that require heavy vehicle movements

Made from non-porous marine grade polymers, our bund has excellent chemical resistance and a superior life expectancy. The bund is designed to protect storm water from hazardous liquids, including workshop and industrial spills, without the need for major construction.

Exclusive to trade wash and our distributors

We manufacture and supply our rubber floor bunding direct to you or to a very small group of expert re-sellers.

Available in safety yellow colour

The ideal safety colour for high visibility, especially for fast-moving vehicles in heavy traffic areas.

Expected lifespan of more than 20 years

No other product on the market comes close to the reliability and durability of Trade Wash’s rubber floor bunding. Its tough formula and advanced construction makes it resistant to fuels and chemicals and has an expected life span of more than 20 years when used properly.

Rubber Floor Bunding