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Rubber Floor Bunding

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  • Vehicle friendly, easily installed and durable form of spill control and containment
  • Supplied with fasteners for installation
  • Superior drive over bunding product designed for heavy vehicle movements. It creates a perfect barrier for wash-bays, and ideal when installed/employed as secondary containment solutions for liquid storage areas that require total containment

The Bund installation is easy and takes little time to fasten down. We send out clear instructions, so the sections are comprehensive with step-by-step guides sections for each order. The bunding solutions are supplied in 5m sections and available in safety yellow or black. Sections can be joined seamlessly for a perfect watertight containment area.

Trade Wash Rubber floor bunding is 42mm x 125mm wide and supplied in 5m lengths. As opposed to square set bunding, its new design features mitigate trip hazards around the work place, making it a more versatile option for spill containment and management.

Due to our rubber floor bunding’s new development, superior design and advanced technology, it’s the ultimate solution for both small (machinery leak containment, drum containment and doorways) and large (factories and warehouses) applications where you need a reliable and durable containment area that is able to withstand heavy vehicle movements.

It’s designed to provide vehicle access as well as containment areas, allowing for improved storage and transfer.

Not only does the rubber floor bunding feature trip resistant design and excellent chemical resistance, but it also allows for a more effective hydro-seal and superior installation.